Primaria team originates from the 1980s and develop Airport Direction Finders (DF) with a focus on software and hardware signal processing. Starting from 2013, the main project of the company is the development of a Coherent Passive Radar “Prim Ceramic 2700”.

The Direction Finders signal processing was implemented in the following products:

Vessel Direction Finder “Pihta-2S”.
The first microprocessor DF in the USSR (1987)

DF was designed to direct the helicopters on ships and drilling platforms, as well as rescue operations. The customer of this project was “Svyazmorproekt” company located in Leningrad (St.-Petersburg now).

АРП, DF, Пихта-2С, радиопеленгатор

Testing vessel DF “Pihta-2S”

This DF was at first in USSR used 16 – bit microcomputer 1806VM3 for signal processing and control. In addition, a special two-channel radio receiver was designed, that provides frequency modulated radio signals. In this DF was applied to a large number of new technologies for this time:

  • the frequency scanning for detection transmitters;
  • adaptive detection based on the level of the received signal;
  • software adjustment of the antenna system;
  • the use of special algorithms to suppress reflections from the superstructure of the vessel;
  • ensure the no antenna fault in case of dipol failure;
  • define of the helicopters target signature based on micro-dopler effect.

Direction Finder provides 100 – 180 MHz frequency range with AM FM modulation. The software was developed using PDP assembler language.

The DF signal processing unit was shown at the joint with the Rohde & Scwarz company exhibition “Airport technique” in Moscow in 1996.

Built-in Tesla – Pardubice mobile radar “Komar-2” Direction Finder  (1995)

Direction Finder for the radar targets identification as part of the Radar (1995).

Комар-2, АРП, DF, РЛК, Тесла-Пардубице, радиопеленгатор

DF signal processing unit, built in “Komar-2 Radar. The Primary Radar designed by Tesla Pardubice

The Direction Finder with the same name “Komar-2” was designed to be embedded in the Primary Radar, which was developed by “Tesla Pardubice.” DF frequency range is: 100 – 150, 220-400 MHz.

The DF had a folding antenna and a signal processing unit.

Civil Aviation Direction Finder

The first Russia DF based on COTS components, which uses industrial micro-computer platform x86 and unix-like Operating System. The first release of the DF was deployed at the Pulkovo airport (St.-Petersburg). Signal processing channel contains DDC + SP. This DFs was implemented in more than 150 Russian airports.

Signal Processing features:

  • Frequency range: 118 – 136 MHz AM
  • Hardware platform: CPU686 Single Board Computer
  • Operating System: FreeBSD 4.3 included the DDC real time driver.
АРП Платан, DF, радиопеленгатор

Civil Aviation DF signal processing unit based on CPU686 + FreeBSD 4.3

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