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UAV TALS: Tracking Automatic Landing System

TALS (Tracking Automated Landing System) is an automatic landing system addressed to UAV applications. It is based on two independent and cooperative sections whose combined processing allows to feed attitude and position parameters to UAV autopilot.

The first section is based on a AHRS platform integrated with a GNSS/SBAS corrected signal (GPS,GLONASS,GALILEO or any other available satellite positioning system implementing augmentation). It is able to provide the UAV position with accuracy better than 3m.

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SIP/VoIP Gateway for the Controller – Pilot Radiolink

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SIP / VoIP gateway is based on the carrier board with a digital bus, on which the bladed interface modules can be installed (see starting from the upper right corner). The photo shows 6 modules installed and two more free space for the left. Interface modules have connectors for external audio devices. In the lower left corner is shown embedded ARM / DSP computer module.

The gateway is designed to provide the functions of digital voice “Voice over IP” (VoIP) and switching media streams via SIP in the air traffic voice system controller – pilot, according to the requirements of the standard ED-136 and ED-137 A / B EUROCAE.

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Passive Coherent Locator

The main focus of the company is a Passive Coherent Location (PCL). Primaria developed a PCL prototype named “Prim Ceramic 2700”. Passive radar uses components with a high value of the intellectual property. This IP is based on research and development programs in the field of PCL and Direction Finders signal processing.

The key components of the passive radar “Prim Ceramic 2700” are:

  • antenna system with suppression of the direct path;
  • RF module with high dynamic range, providing a direct conversion radio signal to quadrature I/Q channels;
  • coherent adaptive filter using Gram – Schmid orthogonalization procedure and multiple regression filter;
  • Ambiguity Function module producing Range bins & Dopler bin matrix;
  • plot extractor, based on CFAR algorithm;
  • tracker of the multistatic section that performs targets association.

More about Passive Radar “Prim Ceramic 2700” is described below.

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