Passive Coherent Locator

The main focus of the company is a Passive Coherent Location (PCL). Primaria developed a PCL prototype named “Prim Ceramic 2700”. Passive radar uses components with a high value of the intellectual property. This IP is based on research and development programs in the field of PCL and Direction Finders signal processing.

The key components of the passive radar “Prim Ceramic 2700” are:

  • antenna system with suppression of the direct path;
  • RF module with high dynamic range, providing a direct conversion radio signal to quadrature I/Q channels;
  • coherent adaptive filter using Gram – Schmid orthogonalization procedure and multiple regression filter;
  • Ambiguity Function module producing Range bins & Dopler bin matrix;
  • plot extractor, based on CFAR algorithm;
  • tracker of the multistatic section that performs targets association.

More about Passive Radar “Prim Ceramic 2700” is described below.

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